Outdoor Group Fitness Classes

Our outdoor boot camp is a group fitness class that meets 4 mornings a week in monthly sessions at the Lovett School in Atlanta Georgia. As an added bonus, we also offer yoga 2 mornings a month!

Be Challenged While Enjoying Yourslef!

With NuBody outdoor fitness classes, we pride ourselves in providing a wide-ranging variety of workouts and fun activities, including various intensity levels of cardio, strength, and agility exercises and games that guarantee that you will by challenged and have fun doing so!

Easily Fit in a Workout!
Make A Workout Part of Your Regular Routine!

NuBody's 6am-7am workouts on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays help you to get on a more regular and healthier sleep cycle. These early classes can easily fit into any life schedule and give you a burst of energy to get your day going!

Lose Weight!
Build Muscle!
Improve Your Health!
Don't Be Intimidated, 
Anyone Can Join!

Whether you are an ironman athlete, haven't moved from the couch in 5 years, are young or old, are pregant or a newmom, or are recovering from injury, NuBody's workouts can be modified and adapted to your preferances and needs! You determine your pace!

Determine Your Own Pace!
See Results Quick!

With our specially crafted, full-body workouts you will see results quickly.  Participants can see weight loss and an increase in muscle endurance in as little as one month! Participants also see improvements in their health, such as lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Get Personal Attention!
Make Friends And Become Part of Our Community! 

This program is great for those who do well in a community setting where they can be held accountable and encouraged by others. This environment allows you to bond with others, form new relationships, and challenge yourself!




Up to 20 class sessions per month for only $200!

For more information or questions about pricing or current promotional deals contact us using the contact page or check out our promotionals posted on our social media links!

Location & Scheduling

Monthly sessions conveniently take place at the Lovett School from 6am-7am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We have added a yoga class for members on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. The schedule will be adjusted to work around major holidays.

The Lovett School @ 4075 Paces Ferry Road Northwest Atlanta, GA 30327-3099

Is NuBody Boot Camp Right for Me?

Hear Why 65% of  Our Clients Have Have Been With Us For Over 8 Years! 

Am I too old?

The average age of boot camp is around 48. We have had campers as old as 78 and as young as 16. No matter your age, NuBody workouts can be modified to reduce injury or stress, while still providing you with strength and endurance!

Am I too out of shape to keep up?

Boot campers have come to us weighing from as little as 110 pounds to weighing over 250, and all have been able to participate. We do not leave anyone behind and will modify exercises as necessary and continuously build up to the more advanced workouts.

Am I too busy?

Boot camp is at 6 am four days a week. This schedule allows for most participants to get in a workout, get back home and ready for work, and continue on with their regular daily routine. Participants typically  have to get up earlier than usual, but most say that an earlier wake up time coupled with boot camp gives them the burst of energy they need to get through the day and keeps them on a more regular and deeper sleep cycle. Additionally, having Wednesdays off gives participants a nice day to sleep in and recover before getting back into the grind of things. Everyone always says that they can’t find the time to work out, but it looks like we just found it!

Why shouldn't I just go to the gym?

While many people thought they were doing a good job of working all of their muscles at the gym and keeping up with their cardio, they did not realize the muscles that they had neglecting until the full-body workouts at boot camp showed them their weaknesses. Participating in bootcamp not only ensures that campers are working every part of their body, but also helps them to push their muscles further than they would if training on their own. Boot camp provides the a "one-stop shop" where participants can enjoy aerobic exercise and muscular endurance training that may otherwise be neglected. 

Will it be worth it?

All participants surveyed said that they saw results, and they saw them fast! They not only were able to lose large amount of body fat, but were also able to increase their strength and muscle endurance to participate in activities, such as running, hiking or biking, that they couldn’t before.

What if I'm injured or pregnant?

With the help of our instructors, participants are able to adapt and adjust their training to accommodate their individual needs and fitness levels (even during pregnancy!!!). They are pushed out of their comfort zone while also avoiding physical and emotional injury.

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