Personal And Competition Training

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Our personal training and physique competition programs at the NuBody Studio include a series of specially crafted workout sessions lasting 30 minutes or more that are designed to build your muscular strength and endurance, as well as help you to lose body fat. Nutritional guidance is provided with every program.

We Are For Everyone!

Whether you haven’t touched a weight since college, are a competative athlete, or are injured or pregnant, NuBody Training is the place for you! We understand that every client has a different comfort zone and various limitations and desires, so we work to develop training sessions to address each client's needs individually.

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Here at NuBody, we don't only consider ourselves to be personal trainers, we also consider ourselves life trainers. We are always willing to listen to your concerns regarding fitness or your personal life, and are ready to assist you in any way we can. Our goal is to help improve your well being, whether that includes exercise, dieting, mental, or emotional support.

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Gain Muscle And Strength!
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Our hours at the NuBody Studio are flexible to fit with your schedule. We open as early as 6am and close as late at 8pm. We understand that it may be difficult to find time to workout, but we will help you develop a plan to fit our 30 minute sessions into your busy schedule, as well as help you create a regular exercise routine to complete when you have time at home. Also, if you find you are always on the run or don't have child care, we have changing and showering facilities and allow kids in our studio!

Make Exercise Part Of Your Life!
See Results!

Since each client's session is completely individualized based on their personal abilities, goals, preferences, and dislikes, we can help each client acheive their strength and body figure goals in a manageable way that is also enjoyable. Whether you want to burn fat, gain muscle, or tone a specific area, we can develop a workout and nutrition plan that is right for you.

Become A Competative Athlete!
Take It To The Next Level!

Are you looking to participate in body physique or bikini competitions? Our trainers have had years of competition experience and can help you not only to build and tone your muscles, but also develope a diet plan and daily habits to acheive the body you are after!.We can also help you keep track of your progress by using our tools to determine your body fat and muscle mass and then reevalute your training program if necessary!


The pricing of our personal training and competition prep programs vary depending on the client’s desires. We offer FREE phone and studio consultations regarding packages and pricing, and will then set up a training schedule to meet your individual needs.

 Packages include but are not limited to, committing to training for 3 months, for 6 months, for 12 months, or buying a 24 session package. Sessions start at $50, but we offer a discount for packages that are paid in full. Call For more information about current promotions. 

Not Sure Yet?

Nervous about committing to a personal trainer or not sure if we are the right fit for you? We offer 30 minute trial sessions at our studio. Afterwards, have a consultation with our trainers to discuss scheduling and a workout plan that targets your needs.

Scared of Training Alone? 

While we recomend one-on-one training sessions, we also offer two-on-one personal training sessions. Call us now to ask about signing up for personal training with a friend! 

Location & Scheduling

The NuBody Training Studio is conventionetly located on Powers Ferry Road. Our hours are flexible to fit with your schedule. Our studio can open as early as 6 am and can stay open to as late as 8 pm. We will work with you to design a training schedule that fits with your life, including having your KIDS be with you in the studio!

The NuBody Training Studio @ 2150 Powers Ferry Rd. SE Suite D Atlanta, GA 30339