At NuBody Training, we have one goal: to help you create a Nu You!

We want to see you achieve your fitness goals regardless of your current state of physical fitness. In order to help you succeed, NuBody offers multiple fitness programs to match your needs and preferences, including outdoor group fitness classes, personal training, and physique competition training. No matter which programs you choose, you will immediately become a part of the NuBody extended family and feel a sense of camaraderie and group support that can’t be found in an gym.  

Personal And Competitive Training

Our personal and physique competition training programs at the NuBody Studio include a series  of sessions lasting 30 minutes or more that are designed for anyone to build muscle strength and endurance, as well as help you to lose body fat.

Outdoor Group Training 

Our outdoor boot camp is a group fitness class that meets 4 times a week at the Lovett School in Atlanta Georgia. This program is great for those who do well in a community setting where they can be held accountable and encouraged by others!