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“Working with NuBody trainers has been amazing. They know how to keep you motivated and push you beyond your perceived limits. With them, I was able to get stronger and improve my overall mobility and agility.”


I enjoy going to NuBody simply because I always see results when I train there. I dropped from 280 to 220 all thanks to NuBody trainers. They know their stuff and they push me while still making it enjoyable. Anybody who is looking to get real results, whether it be losing weight or packing on muscle, needs to go to NuBody.


“After deciding it was time to make a change for the better, I became a client of Nubody Training about 3 years ago as a true “newbie” to everything having to do with fitness, nutrition and forming healthy lifestyle habits. Thanks to trainers who design fun workouts and give real time feedback, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible. Anyone watching can tell they care about their clients. I learned tools and formed habits that will be with me for the rest of my life. I would hands down highly recommend NuBody Training – it’s truly a life changing experience!”

Tonya P (bootcamp and personal training)

NuBody Bootcamp is easily the hardest as well as the best part of my day. The workouts are always challenging and as I’ve gotten stronger I continue to try and get more reps in, increase the weight I’m using, and work harder. I like that you can always scale or modify what you need to based on your ability, injuries, or comfort level. The instructor and group keep me accountable. When I am lacking motivation or drive the instructor always knows how to light that fire inside me. It is a great group of people of all ages which has given me a new circle and workout group I did not expect to have. Although I struggle to get up every morning and it may take me a few alarms to wake up, I feel stronger after each session. NuBody Bootcamp is something I miss on our off days, especially the weekends, and it is the only thing I look forward to regularly on a Monday. I would highly recommend NuBody Bootcamp to anyone.

Claire R. (fitness bootcamp)

“The NuBody youth strength and conditioning class has been a wonderful addition to the training efforts of my son. We clearly see the benefits of building healthy and safe strength training and conditioning habits at a young age. Joshua’s confidence has blossomed as he has gotten both physically and mentally stronger through Stacy and Wendell’s diligent coaching and encouragement,”

Gordon H. (youth class)